Cranial Sacral Therapy

  For Adults, Children

A safe, gentle approach to healing through touch, with special attention to settling the nervous system and the treatment of the restults from trauma.

Nutritional programs and counseling

-For hormonal changes

-Mood, anxiety, and sleep disturbances

-Support for those trying to get off     Psychiatric drugs-

                                        Massage Therapy

For Adults, Children, Prenatal/Postpartum

 Benefits of Massage: 

    * Physically relaxes the body
    * Calms the nervous system
    * Reduces heart rate
    * Loosens tight muscles
    * Improves skin tone
    * Increases flexibility and range of motion
    * Stimulates the release of endorphins
    * Relieves cramps & muscle spasms
    * Promotes better sleep
    * Reduces anxiety
    * Speeds the removal of metabolic waste
    * Speeds recovery from injuries & illness